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resiliancy training for federal emplyees and military personnel


Welcome to Resiliency Training Workshops. We specialize in resiliency and mindfulness training for individuals, business, military personnel and federal employees.
Colin Potter, MS, NCC.

About our Workshops


We provide education and training in the practice of resiliency and mindfulness that can help you

successfully navigate daily challenges, adversity, and unexpected change.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. You can’t change the fact that life is stressful, but science suggests that you can change how you respond to stressful situations.


Stress is evolution’s way of keeping us safe. In the past, it motivated us to run away from enemies and predators. In today’s world, however, we’re stressed out not by enemies and predators, but by traffic jams, overflowing inboxes, and an insufficient number of Instagram likes. All of which our bodies treat as emergencies.


This class provides a simple, yet powerful framework that you can use when life gets hard. It gives you a specific set of practices to utilize when times are tough, rather than being helplessly dragged around by your thoughts and emotions.

You will learn about your own reactive style and how to choose a “response” to stress, rather than

“reacting” with less skillful habitual patterns.


Below is the training outline for our in-person resiliency and mindfulness course. 

Hour 1:  Introduction to resiliency and mindfulness.

Hour 2:  Understanding the science of stress and mindfulness practices.

Hour 3:  Introduction to the practice of insight meditation.

Hour 4:  Understanding and working with difficult thoughts and emotions.


Hour 5:  Practical tools for when times are tough.

Hour 6:  Cultivating connections with others.

Hour 7:  The way forward - Class review with questions and answers.

We look forward to working with your organization and sharing with you the knowledge and skills that have helped countless people in the practice of resiliency and mindfulness.

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